sale of precious metal (Gold dust 22 carat and Bars)

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Price: 35,000 Published on: 07.02.2014 Sector: Other sectors Location: Veliko Tarnovo Offer Type: Business for sale Website: Views: 1223 Гласували: Оценка:


We GOLDOR COMPANY Sarl we are a company specializing in the sale of precious metal (Gold dust 22 carat and Bars). We currently have under our control a large amount of metal powder AU Gold 22 carats and bars we seek potential buyers, we urge all who are interested kindly contact us for more information. We are the representative of the gold mines of several other cooperatives we therefore present this offer for your immediate review of the company's long-term relationship. = GOLDOR-COMPANY Sarl = Email:

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Number of Employees: 25 Year of Establishment: 07.02.2014