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IBB - ibb.alle.bg is developing a project for OFO-Electric Vehicle - ofomobile.alle.bg, with a standard Diesel or self-lubricating Wankel-Type (liquidpiston.com) Rotary Engine - or with a compact OFO-Aerosol Gas Turbine, combined - or not, with a Hybrid On-Board Electric Generator, powered by Carbon-Neutral and super-Cheap (under EUR 0.10/kg) refined Organic Fuel Oil (OFO) - ofomobile.alle.bg, extracted from ultra-fast-growing (within hours) and fat-rich organisms . The combination emerges as the world's best possible technology for the moment, in the field of 100% carbon-neutral automotive powertrains. We are working on an idea for a "spartan" OFOmobile powered by 100hp Wankel-generator (without starter, alternator, oil and water pump, gearbox and clutch, with simplified running gear and cooling system, etc.) made 90% of super-light, super-strong and super-cheap 3D-Printed Basalt-Fiber Composite - basalt-fiber-composite.alle.bg, at a price below 3,000 euros without VAT, - which will charge 100 liters of OFO at a regular gas station in 2 minutes at a total price of BGN20 and will travel over 2000km. The development of any other OFO-Electric cars, trucks, SUVs, Construction / Mining Machinery, Marine Vessels, Drones etc. Aircraft, Military Equipment, Stationary Generators, Aggregates, etc., is foreseen. [email protected] [email protected]
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