Business software and corporate hosting become increasingly important for business success

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Business software and corporate hosting become increasingly important for business success

Ideo Group Ltd. is a Bulgarian company whose main activity is the development of web based software applications. In recent years, Ideo Group has successfully implemented more and more projects, many of which are directly linked to the success of their customers' business. Observations by the developer team are that an increasing number of people have decided to develop a well-established business in mobility and communications, are aware of the strength of the successful and running corporate software. Depending on business specifics and customer requirements, Ideo's team builds a variety of software types, ranging from a simple Web site that reveals business to enterprise systems, helping to impose company policies on large-team companies, subcontracting databases, and even extracting summaries of revenue and cost statements depending on customer needs.

Developers base their work on PHP5, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, UI / UX, including libraries and work environments. They share the fact that a large number of customers continue to work together even after building a site or business software because they help manage the pages in their clients' social networks. Reaching more consumers to remain permanent marketers is an increasingly important factor in the development of every business sphere.

Last but not least, specialists report a growth in demand for corporate hosting. Targeting customers who have specific requirements and needs and who have a problem with the use of standard hosting plans. With this type of clients, Ideo Group offers servers are viewed around the clock by system administrators and a daily backup with the ability to recover up to 3 minutes.

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