Video security 24-hour security for home and business

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Video security 24-hour security for home and business

Everyday the media reflects news related to crime. More and more worrisome are the data that bites our own security, that of our families or even the property we own. Security - at work or at home - is paramount to any modern person. Looking for opportunities to secure our homes and offices, we tend to invest in armored doors, alarm systems, live security and all sorts of solutions, some of which are quite expensive. Among them all stands out for one that offers the optimal price / quality ratio and it is worthwhile to think about - video surveillance. It allows for remote monitoring of objects, activities and persons, specified by the client, according to predefined parameters. Operators at the operational duty center are on duty 24 hours a day and notify the relevant persons and authorities when a situation requiring intervention occurs.

Video Surveillance offered by is a modern interactive service that is available to businesses as well as to individuals, state organizations and institutions. Through it virtually everyone is able to provide more security and comfort in their everyday lives. The technological provision of the video surveillance is provided with the most modern and high quality equipment. The EMU teams 7 provide expert assistance in drafting CCTV projects, regardless of their size and location on the territory of Bulgaria. A factory, a logistics center, a hotel, a school building, a shop or a simple private home - tried and tested video surveillance options are developed for each type of facility and the possibilities for securing the client's specific needs are practically endless. Timely and quality installation is also part of the company rules of, part of EMU 7.

Observation of an outside perimeter (courtyards, gardens, park areas, fences) allows for a reaction even before the potential intruders have penetrated your premises. Through indoor surveillance, you are aware of what is happening in your home or office when you are away. Your family members - children or elderly people - also live more securely if you choose

Video control can also be extremely useful for your business. Observing production and labor discipline in factories, warehouses, restaurants, paid parking lots becomes much easier and safer with CCTV.

The most intimate space for everyone - the home - is also made safer with the help of video surveillance. It provides not only guards in the absence of the customer but also information. Are the cleaning companies you hire, gardeners, security guards correct? Video Surveillance gives a timely and honest answer to this question.

Not to be overlooked is the fact that the main priorities in work as a commitment to customers are confidentiality and responsibility. Discretely, in a timely manner, 24 hours a day, the monitored sites are under constant control by the operators in the CCTV.

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