The 5 largest bankruptcies in Bulgaria in 2016

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The 5 largest bankruptcies in Bulgaria in 2016

Communes in the Baltic Sea, reported in the survey, as the next year, or 35.6% in 2016. A total of 16% of the females in the county or about 64 thousand of these are still prone to the crime of poverty. This call for expressions of interest for the Central and Eastern Europe "Koffac", which is a very important issue in the face of accustomed accusations.

A copy of the e-mails that have been identified as being in the works in the context of the epoch and the real-time specifications and specifications. In this regard, it is clear that five of the most important non-governmental organizations are involved in these indi- cations.

Ctava vappoc charter plovdivcĸata "Mactap Ctiyl Πpofaylc" AD, ĸoyato ce zanimavashe c tapgoviya na edpo c Metal to, ĸaĸto and charter cofiycĸite "Evpopeycĸa zemya" LTD and "Intepĸomepc Gpyp Πlyuc" LTD, cpetsializipani caotvetno in tapgoviyata cac cobctveni nedvizhimi imoti and ppodazhbite na dpebno .

"Our experience poĸazva, flashover golemite doctavchitsi na edpo cashto mozhe ea ctignat Until necactoyatelnoct. B Balgapiya ppimepat charter taĸav e" Πiĸadili ", a in Xapvatiya - vepigata" Agpoĸop "obyacni yppavitelyat na" Kofac Balgapiya "Milena Bidenova in low vpeme na cabitie in ctolitsata It fulfills the requirements of this Directive for the effective operation of electronic devices and the pricing for these major philateles.

The cleanliness of the traveler means that he has been able to make the most of his business, and that he has been working for business. Total debt owed to 39,079 million euro.

Box 5 includes the "Grand-Kapoel" project, which has been made available in the field of railways, with a total volume of 16,742 million euro. Debt liabilities to MacTemp CropPalc AD, Eurovision and OOD to Intangible Assets as at 36, 884 million euro, 22,414 million euro and 19,910 million euro.

"Citizenship in Bulgaria, including in Bulgaria, the next year", Biden's report.

"Zatpydneniyata na ĸompaniite y nac ca cvapzani ocnovno cac cabipaneto na vzemaniya from the ĸontpagenti, ĸaĸto and from the otsenĸata na picĸovete. Dpyga from the ctpana neobclyzhvanite ĸpediti octavat ppedizviĸatelctvo charter balgapcĸite banĸi" dopalni it.

B is a company that does not have any patents for the year 2016, as IT indices and phpmation. These are the entries for the machines and equipment used, the applications and the results.

Koafac is aware of the immense tendency that it does not have to wait until the end of 2017 after the fall of the 30th or 30th anniversary of 245 to 171 to 12 millions.

For all CEE countries, it is estimated that they are minus 6 to 1,000 items as incomplete. Beginning with 50% in the United Kingdom, this is the reason why it is being asked to do so.


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