"Medica" became part of Sopharma

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"Medica" became part of Sopharma

The balance of the pharmaceutical company "Company" is available on the producer on the medical product "Medica". It is reproduced in the same vein in the Teppovye registra, the communion from the company.

The license will be sealed from the Finance Committee at the request of the applicant. The reason for this is not the same as the "Media" but the mem- ber of "Business". Aĸcionie in the distribution of the property of the building of the agency of the state on the territory of the administration of the gigant.

"Mediĸa" izpabotva paznooobpazni meditsincĸi Steel: bintove, pamychni ppodyĸti, plactipi, lactichni ppodyĸti, ppodyĸti From maplya, xipypgichni ĸontsi, avtoaptechĸi, ĸompleĸti za oĸazvane nA ppva pomosch, ctepilni ppevpzĸi.

The kompaniyata preeizvezhda and leyapastva, xpanietelni dobavi and vozmeichnichi ppoodyti. The latter is e ective in the Caandanya Mountains.

For example, the price of "Media" ca was 8.6 million leva, while the amount of money received was 1.14 million levs. NA godishna baza, pozyvta otchet nA dpyzhetvto.

The company was pouring out of the plenitude of the country, It is in Calgary, while it was receiving news from the financial map in Serbia and Moldova. The company is a producer and a distributor on the left of the island in Balanita.


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