Производство на термокапсули и тапишони за бутилки

Our company produces termo capsules for wine, whiskey, vodka or other bottles. To achieve th best possible performance for your product, our team will provide expert advice to orientate you in selecting the wright materials and printing...

0 BGN. Trade Goods Wholesale


I am selling about 3000 brand new shoes new with boxes of the Greek brand Doca. All of them have boxes and each one has a professional photo.Summer shoes are ore then winter. There are sandals, flip flops, mocassins with heel or flat. Winter are...

9 BGN. Trade Goods Wholesale

Рент а кар компания (наем на автомобили и трансферни услуги)

Компанията е работеща успешно, извърша отдаване на автомобили под наем и трансферни услуги в страната и чужбина. Продава се създадената клиентска мрежа ,сайт и контакти както и самата фирмата ,без никакви задължения и заеми.

50,000 EUR. Transport Business for sale

Ритрийт Център

A fully functional Retreat house in the town of Apriltzi in Bulgaria. The house is 450 sq.m with 500 sq.m yard next to a river with sauna and lounge zone. The house has 7 rooms with bathroom and balcony, living room, 100 sq.m hall for practices,...

230,000 EUR. Tourism Business for sale

Парцел на гръцки остров

For sale 250 acre plot on the island of Paros, Greece. Suitable for RES project or construction project.

450,000 EUR. Properties Business Assets

5 дкр. парцел със статут на Вилно селище + архитектурен...

We would like to present to your attention business land - 4700 sq.m. parcel with status for building holiday villages. In the price there is included architecture project with 5 villages and one big hotel house with 2 apartments, lobby, training...

37,600 EUR. Properties Business for sale


Utility model 2517 U1 / 2017 for sale by inventor (Bulgarian patent office) Heater for winter shoes. Magnetoeletrical integrated generator, on short circuit working. Heats itself when walking, heats up to +5 C over than ambient temperature....

100,000 EUR. Other sectors Business for sale

Гатер Дъскорезница

Selling a saw mill , at the edge of Smolyan city. Together with all the licenses and permits for work. 1490 m2 total area. 1250 m2 building area.

150,000 EUR. Industry Business for sale

Пакетиране на земеделска продукция

Heloo, I'm looking for a project associate with the SFA. The value of the project is up to 2.000.000 euros, the designers are some of the best in Bulgaria, for additional information, only personally. I am looking for an investment of EUR 100.000...

100,000 EUR. Agriculture Partnership

Продавам работеща аптека

Sell working pharmacy in Varna. Opened August 2016, corner room close to a hospital with modern furniture, video survilance, 3 crates, warehouse and free open access total 150m2. For sell is only the bussines without the property. Interested...

25,000 BGN. Healthcare Business for sale

Land for sale, 4 acres near to Black Sea.

Land for sale, 4 acres. The plot is situated near to village General Kanatardjievo, 5 miles west of Albena, 13 miles north of Varna, 4 miles west of Black Sea.

75,000 GBP. Agriculture Business for sale


Regulated plot of 4.900 m2, with 40% density, 0.8 Coefficient of intensity of construction. The Plot comes with a complete and detailed working project for all construction specifications for holiday houses in Lozenets village, Tsarevo...

400,000 EUR. Properties Business Assets

jewlery shop

For sale working jewelry store. in a central area Next to a 5-star hotel and a casino. silver gold and diamond jewelry

40,000 BGN. Tourism Business for sale

Разработена частна ясла/градина

Private kindergarten with annual turnover of 75 000 EUR. The total ареа is 300 sq.m. with outdoor space of 100 sq.m. The total capacity is 25 kids. The business is sold with all legacy and permits documents and 100% of the shares.

19,500 EUR. Education Business for sale

Продавам нов сайт за бижута

Online shop for sale - For more details please contact me -

1,000 BGN. IT Business for sale

3 редови къщи продава

3 houses for sale in the town of Razlog. 168 sq.m. - finished, furnished, 2 houses 151 sq.m. without finishing works

260,000 EUR. Tourism Business for sale
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