Transport company for sale.

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The activity, shown in the company file, is: transportation and forwarding services on domestic and foreign markets; commissioning; consulting and marketing activity in real estate sector; wholesale and retail trade with foodstuff and consumer goods; tourism; leasing activity; commercial agency and commissioning of local and foreign physical and legal entities; any other activity, which is not against the law. However, our main activity is transportation and forwarding services on domestic and foreign markets. We have the following documents, which allow us to execute our main business: • a EU license for international freight delivery against payment – No 6970 • IRU diploma for transportation company management; • All other necessary certificates, licenses and documents for that kind of business activity. As a result of our activity we have built confidence in all our clients. One of our business partners is Bolgarija trade D.O.O, from Slovenia with which we have been working for nearly five years. Just in addition: Bulgaria is a member of the European Union since 01.01.2007; the profit tax is 10%. The company is active and without debts.

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