WORKING PTITSEKOMBINAT OWN + fodder factory DOE partnership

1,500,000 EUR. Industry Partnership


Looking for funding for the production of PVC pipes and sandwich panels.

150,000 BGN. Industry Partnership

sale or partnership in the construction of a villa with 6...

Sale or partnership in the construction of six apartments with yard area on the beach Kavatsi Sozopol.

1 BGN. Tourism Partnership

Looking for investments

We're company situated in Russe, Bulgaria. We own piece of land - 1400 sq.m. in Russe ciry, 75m site on main road. There is also a project for a 3 floor building with all the permissioins taken. We're looking for an investor. For more information...

300,000 EUR. Services Partnership

"Tourism in the village"

Partnership with an investor / tour operator under clear rules on the project "Tourism in the village" with EU funding

0 BGN. Tourism Partnership

manufacturer of metal sandwich panels

Firm seeks associate / 50% /. First brand name manufacturer of metal sandwich panels in Bulgaria. Used for construction of warehouses, factories, warehouses, car washes, refrigerated and others. Capacity of 1200 square...

600,000 EUR. Industry Partnership
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