Продавам разработен сайт за дрехи

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KPD.BG - Продавам разработен сайт за дрехи

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Price: 89,000 Published on: 06.02.2021 Sector: IT Location: Sofia Offer Type: Business for sale Website: Views: 475 Гласували: Оценка:


I am selling a business - a developed site for new and second-hand clothes, shoes, and accessories with about 7 years of history, and its own trademark.
The site is in 4 languages and sells in 3 countries: Bulgaria, Greece, and Romania (for abroad the domain is different).
The platform is a custom, developed at PHP especially for the business, and is probably one of the most functional in Bulgaria.
There are a total of over 75,000 registered customers, and over 200,000 real Facebook fans.
The site is sold with all the equipment to it: hundreds of stands, thousands of hangers, goods, photographic equipment, computers, printers, etc.
In case of serious interest, I will give a detailed report.
The business is fully operational, the activity has never stopped since the site is online.
If desired by the client, I can offer him the full support of the platform, online marketing, banner design, call center services abroad, etc.

Additional Information

Number of Employees: 5 Year of Establishment: 21.11.2014 Profit: 100,000 BGN