Финансиране на строеж

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  • user-icon Name: Andon Mironov
  • user-icon Telephone number: 0886 1000 93
  • user-icon GSM: 0886 1000 93
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Price: 0 Published on: 12.07.2016 Sector: Properties Location: Sofia Offer Type: Partnership Views: 2038 Гласували: Оценка:


Hello. I own 10 acres of land near a major Sofia Boulevard leading out and in the city. The land is in regulation and it has an existing road leading to it. I have a manufacturing base in close proximity to the land. I want to construct a storage base. I would be open to other ideas. In close proximity there are a storage base working at full capacity and a LIDL store. At this point the only thing missing is the finance for the construction. I have very good connections in the constructions sector, so building will not be a problem. I am looking for a partner who would finance the building costs. Kind Regards. Andon Mironov

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