Profit from public auctions of real estates

Subject - buying real estates at public auction and subsequent sale. Properties are purchased at 60-75% of their market value and sold at market price. I am a lawyer and I have previous experience as a real estate agent. I'm familiar with the...

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Mushroom factory

Hello, Investors i am looking to build the most modern factory for mushrooms in the Balkans. I have prepared a summary, business plan,web site and ready money, but not enough. If you are interested please contact me on email: [email protected]

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Tennis academy

Hello, I am looking for investors to build a tennis academy in Bulgaria. It is the purchase of land and construction of these facilities. I have written a business plan. I'm going with tennis 20 years and I know that I can develop my...

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Basic Income Bank based on blockchain!

Basic Income Bank based on blockchain! The essence of the project is to create an Internet based bank that emits its own crypto currency for basic income. The banks miners will receive percentage remuneration from the fiat profit of the bank in...

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I am looking for investor for trade with financial instruments. I suggest testing period with a small account to illustrate the possibilities offered by this kind of investment. The idea is to work with one or more accounts with proven...

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Another step towards true artificial...

To create AI dream of many. Experts around the world are working on turning science fiction into reality. We have made a breakthrough in this direction and created the first website in the world for online trading driven by artificial...

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HTEconomizer - EN

Energy-saving device. Prototyped, on a campaign on - "HTEconomizer" . For more information visit

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The idea might solve part of global warming.

With the realization of the idea it will be possible combustion engines to operate with natural gas without damaging them. It will be possible for all engines to use natural gas and reduce air pollution.

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Collaboration in cultural tourism.

I offer cooperation in the field of cultural tourism. I have many nice cultural tourism programs suitable for foreigners. The partner is expected to have good contacts abroad with real opportunities for keeping foreigners in Bulgaria. 50% of...

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Search manager to sell inventions.

Продажба на изобретение

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Nursing home

Europe is already one step ahead - Services for older people are growing with each year, following the existing tendencies of population ageing. We offer idea, place, concept, expertise for the planning, construction and management of nursing home...

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Seismic brick

Sell and offer co-authorship- idea about seismic bricks. Price subject to agreement.

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products and developments in electronics

Team Karadev Ltd. specializes in the design and manufacture of modules and comprehensive solutions in all areas of electronics. Jobs that are implemented for end customers are fully prepared salts conditions for the operation of an electronic...

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Sports and holiday complex "Eco Campus" -...

Relaxation and recreation campus near Sofia, combined with a sports hall in Sofia. Campus includes guest houses, hostel, green house, eating house, hall for workouts and trainings, swimming pools and areas for recreation and relaxation. Gym...

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For sale site for system admin services

We sell the site and domain which provides system administration services, until now - small hosting companies, schools and real estates agencies. We can provide you and the blog For...

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