Web App For Drawing

Web app for drawing comic books and manga. You don't need to be an artist to create the next bestseller. Link for the app: For more information please email [email protected]

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Photovoltaic Hotel

Hello, I have an idea to build a photovoltaic hotel and I am looking for financing. (The hotel is not for people) return on investment - 5 years

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I am looking for funding to build a...

I am a veterinarian (30 years old), raised and living in Greece (Kavala). I have a permit to operate and build veterinary clinics, outpatient clinics. I have experience in veterinary practice and I know very well the needs of society.

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Financing of tennis athletes

I am looking for a person or company with financial opportunities who are interested in helping a good Bulgarian tennis player to break into men's tennis. The funds are needed to hire a personal trainer and more participation in ITF, ATP...

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I am looking for an investor

I am looking for an investor for starting franchise business in Bulgaria - investment, advertising, distribution.

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Printing house's

Making machine's do the work instead of workers to build house's.

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Hotel complex with mineral water

Land of 14000 sq m , with buiding permission and mineral water

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Do you need a loan?

We give out loan to individuals and Companies without collateral or guarantor. Loans are given to start up businesses, pay debts and Finance larger projects.

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Artificial intelligence in the field of...

Hello, I am looking for funding for the development of software in the field of law, which through a special part with artificial intelligence, will be the first for Bulgaria and when offered at a competitive price, will be the most preferred. In...

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Hospice, Health home, Health institution

Property in the center of Rechitsa, Sliven. With functional purpose "Health institution". built-up area 958sq.m on two floors. I am looking for funding to implement the project.

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An online store is looking for funding

I am looking for funding for an online store with a unique idea. The idea is the first in Bulgaria. I offer a share of the company for financing. The business is built! For more information: [email protected]

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Translation, Editing and Proof

Service: Translation and Editing Language Pair: English ↔ Bulgarian Translating various kinds of texts from English to Bulgarian and vice-versa in areas: • Web sites and various IT documentation including Blockchain Technology, AI Artificial...

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Idea for a self-charging speedboat

The idea is to make an electric speedboat for two people to travel long distances and self-recharge on the go.So far there is no such product on the market this is an idea that can recoup the initial investment many times.

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Business ideas for dental professionals,...

Dear costumers, I am an individual that offer ideas and business plans, also the support for its realization for people that have skills, knowledge and experience in the following: - Dentistry and medical practitioners -Owners of a Childcare...

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Excellent investment

I have developed a project of a restaurant for home food (not a pot!), And a charcoal barbecue. In a place that does not have such a thing, and a sufficient flow of people. I have a construction project and the necessary documentation. Good...

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